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How is BS 1090 linked to BS 3834 Series
AKA EN 1090 and ISO 3834

The BS 3834 series provides a level of technical competence for your Quality Control requirements for the Fusion Welding of metallic materials (special process control). From TIG and MIG through to traditional Stick Welding and Brazing, BS 3834 demonstrates effective job control.


The ISO 3834 is divided into 3 assessment levels, based on your requirements as specified below:

  • BS 3834-2 - Comprehensive quality requirements 


  • BS 3834-3 - Standard quality requirements


  • BS 3834-4 - Elementary quality requirements


The BS 3834 applies to manufacturing, both in workshops and at site locations. The above 3 levels can be a part of ISO 9001 Certification, or as a "stand alone" Certification Standard.


The ISO 3834 is not designed to replace BS 1090 for UKCA Marking. The BS 3834 was developed to provide a technical focus for in-process welding "quality control".

The BS 3834-1 - Provides the criteria for the selection of the appropriate level of quality requirements for your manufacturing processes - from basic workshop to structural engineering.

The level required is based on the type of work and inspection undertaken.

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A quick word from our welding expert

"we used BS 3834-3 within a bike build and repair workshop, for demonstrating internal welder quality control"

"likewise, within construction products giving that additional legal weld safety assurance with both BS 1090 and BS 3834-2 for customer contract compliance"

BS 1090 & BS 3834
"its what we do" 
Technical Consultancy & Audit Support
for your Contract Compliance 

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BS 3834

BS 3834 is a Standard specifically developed for the quality management of welding operations – and welding in-process controls.


The BS 3834 Standard is NOT intended to replace ISO 9001 or

BS 1090.


…but, it is intended to support welding production control and site works specifically for welded products.


welding as a "special process"…often a contract requirement.

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