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About BS 3834


The Series of Standards are in 6 parts, divided as follows:


  • Part 1 - Criteria for the selection of the appropriate level of quality requirements. Basically, you have 3 choices to decide on, for what level of welding process control is required for your operation.

    • Part 2 - Comprehensive quality requirements 

    • Part 3 - Standard quality requirements

    • Part 4 - Elementary quality requirements

  • Part 5 - Documents with which it is necessary to conform to claim conformity to the quality requirements of (as above):

    • BS 3834-2 or

    • BS 3834-3 or

    • IBS 3834-4

  • Part 6 - Guidelines on Implementing BS 3834 

BS 3834


Series of Standards explains the quality requirements for welding both within your workshop and on site. The BS 3834 is used as the basis for assessing the effectiveness of the fabrication and welding processes.


It is a known fact that welded products cannot be confirmed by testing alone. True compliance of a weld is gained by quality assuring the production process. This is achieved by the planning of the welding inputs, to ensure a consistent weld quality.


When welding production processes are controlled in accordance with BS 3834 customers can be assured that the final product will meets with the specified criteria.

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